Black Sheep Crypto Fund: Portfolio & Strategy for 2020–2021/22 Bull Run

  • Macroeconomic situation (mainly quantitative easing, near-zero or negative interest rates)
  • 3rd BTC halving in May 2020
  • BTC’s quick recovery and subsequent rise after “Black Thursday” in March 2020
  • Companies starting to buy and hold Bitcoin
  • Different price models prognosing a bullrun, such as the S2FX model by PlanB or the Rainbow chart
  • Number of BTC addresses with a non-zero balance making new all time highs
  • Amount of Bitcoin stored on exchanges has dropped significantly for months — indicating a strong HODL sentiment

The Purchase.

We at Black Sheep Crypto chose to collectively invest a lump sum of $10,000 USD. We made the lump purchases for the chosen coins on 15 September 2020. However, a strategy of DCA’ing (Dollar Cost Averaging) would also be feasible to re-enact our allocation. If you are making $1000 USD per week and manage to DCA $250 into cryptocurrencies every week, you would have invested $10k within about 10 months.

The Portfolio and Price Targets

Our Full Portfolio ($10,000) consists of 4 sub-portfolios — the Main Portfolio, the Alt Portfolio, Moonshot Portfolio #1 and Moonshot Portfolio #2.

Main Portfolio — 80% of Full Portfolio ($8000)

Alt Portfolio — 8% of Full Portfolio ($800)

Moonshot Portfolio #1–7% of Full Portfolio ($840)

Moonshot Portfolio #2–5% of Full Portfolio ($500)

Current Results (last updated 17/06/2021):

Initial investment: $10,000



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